Excerpts From Prison Diary of Arun Ferreira

First of all you will think what the relevance of this article is? On 23rd March, 1931, 89 years ago Comrade Bhagat Singh hanged by imperialist people. That was nothing but the brutal murder by the bloodied hand of system….

NAPM statement on the storming of the Plachimada Coca Cola Factory by activists

New Delhi : About twenty two members of Plachimada Coca-Cola Virudha Samara Samithi and Plachimada solidarity forum including Vilayodi Venugopal, Sri N. P. Johnson, N Subramanyan, Fr. Augustine, M N Giri, Sahadevan and ors, walked in to the premises of…


Jagatsinghpur Resistance – Playing By the Book

There who have scrutinized the facts about the POSCO project in Odisha, have little doubt that all democratic norms have been flouted through the alliance of the Government of Odisha, Government of India and POSCO. However, one of the more…