A statement has been issues by Association for democratic rights Haryana in solidarity with prof. Hany babu

“After Gautam Navlakha and Professor Anand Teltumbde, it is now Professor Hany Babu whom the National Investigation Agency arrested on 30 July 2020.
Let’s raise voice against this malicious arrest!

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested Delhi University professor Hany Babu in the Bhima-Koregaon case. This is the 12th arrest in the Bhima-Koregaon case.Hany Babu, an associate Professor at the Department of English at Delhi University, has been a leading activist always voicing for social justice.
Last year, on September 2019, 20 officers of Pune police raided Professor Hany’s house and seized his laptop and digital equipment as they did in case of other intellectuals arrested earlier.Now, the National Investigation Agency has claimed that a “secret folder” has been found on his laptop, containing letters that are ‘evidence’ of his connection to the Maoists. Similar ‘evidence’ was also found in computers of the intellectuals already arrested by the Pune police and investigating agencies. But on the other hand,we see that those laptops had been declared ‘lost’ which were recovered from the houses of Aseemanand and other Hindutva terrorists. The solid evidence of the conspiracy to bomb attacks had been found in those laptops on the basis of which police officer Karkare arrested Hindutva terrorists.
When the National Investigation Agency was formed, it was claimed by the Indian rulers that it was being built to combat terrorism.However, the recent arrests of intellectuals who have voiced against the fascist agenda of the RSS-BJP and the filing of cases against youth belonging to minorities under UAPA, makes it clear that this investigative agency is actually formed to arrest and put in jails to those pro-poeple intellectuals, human rights activists, minorities, Dalits and tribals in the name of belonging to ‘illegal activities’ who raise a voice for human rights and justice. The Bhima-Koregaon case is a living example of this. On July 15, the agency summoned Professor Hany Babu to Mumbai for questioning. His home was raided last year and his computer and other digital devices were seized. At that very time, it was clear that Professor Hany Babu would also be arrested in the same vein Gautam Navlakha and Professor Anand Teltumbde were arrested in the name of connection with the alleged Bhima-Koregaon conspiracy.
Prof. Hany Babu is the coordinator of “Alliance of Social Justice” and an active member of “Joint Action Front for Democratic Education”. He has been active in almost every campaign, began to protect justice and democratic rights. He works for Professor Sai Baba’s ‘Defense Committee’ and ‘Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners as well.
This fascist attack is not going to stop here. In the coming days, it will expand and more intellectuals and human rights activists will be arrested under these traps. It is the utmost need of hour that we oppose it strongly. People, consciously concerned to democratic rights in India and other countries have already been demanding the release of the arrested intellectuals and human rights activists. But we see, at the behest of the RSS-BJP, the Maharashtra Police and the National Investigation Agency are expanding the boundaries of the Bhima-Koregaon case and arresting many other intellectuals.
All democratic forces have to campaign more enthusiastically and make efforts more attentively to create mass unity against this fascist attack.”

Dr Sukhdev,


Association For Democratic Rights, Haryana

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