Analysis on recent case of Gujarat ATS arrests of alleged “Naxalites”. Co-ordinated effort of Central and State Government to stifle dissent of Human Rights Activists across India.

Babita Kachyap and 2 others have been arrested by Gujarat ATS from the Mahisagar District of Gujarat under alleged pretext of being “Naxalite”.

Who is Babita Kachyap?

Babita Kachyap is tribal rights activist who have worked immensely in the Jharkhand during the famous Pathalgari Movement which mainly happened in Jharkhand. The Government of BJP in Jharkhand under Raghuvar Das had slammed false cases on Pathalgari Activists in Jharkhand to suppress people’s movement. It is not difficult to understand that, the BJP government is nothing but servant of Brahmanical Hindu Fascist organization RSS. The same organization has time and again vomited venom against Indian Constitution and now trying to subvert true democrats under draconian provisions. Babita Kashyap along with other intellectuals and activists like Stan Swamy, Aloka Kujur, Rakesh Roshan, and Vinod Kumar on 17 June 2019 have been served with arrest warrant one year after the FIR was filed based on Social Media Posts. She was on the ground, leading and educating masses about their constitutional rights.

Na Vidhan Sabha, Na Loksabha, Sabse badi Gramsabha !!

What is Pathalgadi Movement?

The adivasis are now understanding importance of their rights, which have been denied by successive governments. When the Adivasi started claiming their constitutional rights of Jal, Jangal, Jameen  which are protected under Schedule Five of Constitution. Adivasis installed monoliths stone at the entrance of Village, highlighting the special autonomy given to the Scheduled Areas by Constitution. The mischief has been played by BJP Government by charging nearly unknown 10,000 people from only 1 district of Jharkhand under the draconian charges of Sedition for erecting such monoliths. The land is inseparable part of Adivasi lives in India. The BJP government has tried to sell special rights of Adivasis related to the Land to private players which in turn exploit Adivasis. The stone tables which erected during the movement has been admired by the trials and they got sense of protection by looking at them.

Political Context    

Pathalgari Movement was very crucial element in Jharkhand Assembly Elections in the year 2019. It is Jharkhand Mukti Morcha’s chief Shibu Soren has promised to the people of Jharkhand that, his party will drop all charges related to Pathalgadi Movement if they comes to power. The party kept the promise and dropped all charges against related to Adivasis. It is noteworthy that, this decision of dropping charges has been taken on the very first cabinet meeting of newly formed government. The people of Jharkhand has out rightly rejected the BJP and its politics of religion and stifling dissent.  

Why she is being haunted by Police?

If one wanted to understand this question, then one has to ask one simple question, from where she got arrested?  Answer is State of Gujarat. She and other civil rights activists have been falsely implicated by the then BJP Jharkhand government under Raghubar Das (Interestingly, nomenclature also tells us that, he is “Das” of BJP-RSS). A striking similarity between 2 states is; Gujarat is another BJP ruled state when the arrest has been made. This in itself is sufficient to prove that, it is a policy of central government who is coordinating the repressive measures against selected Human Rights Activists across India. It is nowhere mentioned in the alleged Naxal Affected Districts in India, that State Gujrat comes under the Naxal Affected Area published and updated by Ministry of Home Affairs. The left wing extremism division of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India does not confirm any supporting evidence of Gujrat being state under scanner due to alleged Naxalite activity. The Koregaon Bhima Case (it was a BJP ruled state when false charges were levelled against Dalit Activists and Intellectuals), Pathalgadi Movement Case, Student Activists arrested under the pretext of alleged violence related to CAA and NRC protests.

Every cloud has silver lining

People from all walks of life are waking up and giving support in large numbers to support Human Rights Activists and strengthening the movement.  

We all have to stay strong during this turmoil to uplift the strong cause of “People’s Rights”.


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