Who is Anand Teltumbde & Why he is being chased by law enforcement agencies?

He is one the foot solider of Ambedkarite ideology of Social Justice. He did his engineering. He has been known for giving support to Dalit, tribal and human rights activists. His zeal towards the annihilation of caste cannot be compared. He regularly contributed to various people’s magazines, newspapers, and many other scholarly publications. He is an intellectual spearhead of human rights and civil rights movements. He not only worked for more than 35 years in the oil industry but also held many important positions in his exuberating management journey. This journey gave him the opportunity to become a visiting faculty in the Management School from which is studied i.e. Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad. He was also faculty in IIT – Kharagpur for more than 3 years. What is important and admirable is that by becoming Professor he did not stop his social work and issue-based writing. Currently, he is working in the Goa Institute of Management.

Everything is going fine but one day police raided his home in Goa for allegedly having links with Koregaon Bhima Violence Case, Pune, Maharashtra and PM’s assassination plot and then onwards he is on the hit list of enforcement officials. This is the value which one has to pay for advocacy of the civil rights of those who don’t even understand them. He is an established writer on Marxist thoughts and wants the society to act in a responsible manner with tribals, farmers and oppressed classes. That’s true he has different aspirations and ideals of social justice to serve. He is in different ideological boat to sail the sea of injustice. Just because someone has different ideological inclinations it does not mean that they are criminals.

Other interesting factors are also hiding behind the curtains. If we carefully look at the Indian political context he is one of the scholars who timely questioned the policies of various governments. He very bravely articulated his opinions about the functioning of the Government machinery. Another reason might be that as he married to sister of Adv. Prakash Ambedkar, To tactically target the political voice of Adv. Prakash Ambedkar and his political party Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi ( VBA ). This whole drama is created by the law enforcement officials whose hands often tied with the arm chair of political representatives in the Government.


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